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About Us

Bougiee is anything that is upscale or with a more upper class appeal than the Rest.  Being Bougiee simply means that one desires a higher quality of things/experience. Someone with an expensive taste.

Bougiee is a term derived from the French word bourgeois. The term Bougiee refers to anything that is of a higher class! Something that is Bougiee is described as being on the plush side.

" 31 Lipglosses from Bougiee Cosmetics‘s Doll Collection, one for everyday of the week…that is totally Bougiee "

Bougiee Cosmetics was started by a highly trained Toronto based professional Makeup Artist with over decade of experience in the sales, beauty, glamour and T.V industry. Developed in 2010 October, Bougiee Cosmetics is proven to be the next fancy in the Cosmetics world.

Using only the purest ingredients in all of our product range, we carry the best in upscale makeup. With Bougiee Cosmetics being the first Cosmetics brand ever to introduce four separate collections as part of there brand, Haute Collection, Pin up Collection, Doll Collection and Emerald Collection. Bougiee Cosmetics is bound to be the undisputed number one go to house for anything cosmetics.

While maintaining our mission and sticking to our vision, Our goal is to get every woman to pout like us.  We are Canadian made.  All our products are Paraben Free, Allergy Tested, Non Comedogenic, Hypo Allergenic and Fragrance free. Your Bougiee Cosmetics is not tested on animals. 



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