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Your Guide to Colour Correcting Makeup

Colour correctors also known as CC Makeup are skin colour correctors when applying makeup.  Nobody wants redness to peak through after a makeup application or dark circles hence the need for colour correcting. Colour correctors come in a variety of form from loose to pressed powder to cream texture where the loose or pressed powders are used to set makeup and the cream versions are used before applying makeup.  Using colour correctors can be impressive once one find the colour. To make the process more fun, we have put together a list to help you find your colour.


Mauve- Balances and brightens yellow olive undertones

Pink- highlights and brightens light to medium skin tones

Peach- corrects dark circles on medium to dark skin tones cancels out purple under eye issues

Yellow- cancels blue and purple uneven skin tones

Green- neutralizes redness.  Ideal for skin rosacea

Translucent- applies clear on all skin colour to matify and set the makeup

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