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Choosing Merlot Lipsticks

Ever have those days that you don’t feel like wearing any makeup? So you are just relaxing at home and then you come across a certain lipstick color and you can’t resist it and you end up putting it on?  Yes, that’s the moment we are talking about. 

Everybody goes through that phase, even makeup hoarders can testify to this. It's part of being human! Someday you feel like doing something and then other days you may hesitate to do it.  

Though its safe to say that the love of makeup is a different kind of love entirely, there are still times when you may hesitate on it. For those days, Bougiee recommends merlot colored lipsticks, they do it for us every time and we can testify to them here at Bougiee too!

Even though we don’t have a lipstick color that our lips don’t love, we have to confess that some days when we don’t wake up lip happy, but we dress up and apply some merlot colored lipstick and that does it for us!

There is something about that merlot wine grape maroon colors that pick us up every time, perhaps its the same reason women love red wine? Whatever it is, we are in love with it!

Bougiee recommends these merlot lipstick colors Preachy, Vino Noir, Blackberry, Bar Crawl, Plum Berry, Luvena, Ruby Slippers and Not Shy Lipstick.

What about you? What do you do when you don’t feel like wearing any makeup? 

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