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Why Your Makeup Looks Grey

Before you toss your foundation and panic any further, the reason your face looks grey this morning may not be your foundation. Hold on, hear us out, if you didn't just buy a new foundation, the formulation for your foundation did not change overnight.  And neither did your skin.  So while panicking and wondering what went wrong, take a look at the moisturizer you used this morning before applying your foundation.  Did you recently change your moisturizer? Chances are you did.  When you use an oil-based moisturizer on your skin and your foundation is water based/oil free the mixture of the oil in your moisturizer and the water in the liquid foundation can cause your face to appear greyish because oil and water just don’t mix well!  Face primers are the ideal thing to use on your face during the day just to make sure there are no surprises with your moisturizer as far as makeup application is concerned because moisturizers are more ideal for night time.  The best face primers will not only help your makeup look better and keep your makeup in place all day, they will also help the skin underneath your makeup! This is due to the addition of vitamins and minerals- think vitamin c, vitamin e and aloe. This is why pro makeup artists always recommend a face primer before applying your makeup, thats what they were made for.  Face primers generally have a different consistency than a regular moisturizer.  Regular moisturizers might weigh down your makeup and change the colour of your makeup.  Still don't know what face primer to go for?  Recommended is our Flawless Finish Colour Correcting Primers the smooth gel texture creates the ideal canvas for foundation application. 

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