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Why Every Woman Should own Purple Makeup

Lets be honest red is great but it doesn’t suit everyone! Purple is one color that actually does look good on every skin colour, every skin tone and every hair colour.  Purple graces the face nicely from lilacs to deep purple, it compliments everyone!  Almost every woman will confess to having a purple lip or eye product in their makeup bags but whats more interesting is that many woman who doesn't already have purple plan to purchase them in the future.  As a colour range, lilac is the most popular of the purple family.  This is very popular among woman because lilacs are considered sexy.  Lilac as a shade is a paler shade of purple.  Though the lilac is the most popular shade of purple, most woman should still own a deeper shade of purple for evening wear simply because this colour goes well with everything.  As a colour, purple is not too much and it warms the look, not to mention that purple is the colour of royalties.  Deep and bright purples are associated with riches- think figs!  While lighter purples are more romantic- think lilacs!  Purple is considered one of the three secondary colours but purple tends to tilt more towards the red and the blue.  Just keep in mind that a blue-purple could be considered cool and a red-purple could be considered warm but purple as a colour is neither a warm colour nor cool and that is what makes purple such a quintessential item for every woman's makeup bag!  For a wow factor, Bougiee recommends using deep dark purple on the eye crease like our Fig Eyeshadow!  That look just spells vixen! So next time you are shopping for makeup, don't forget purple!

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