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Why Every Makeup Bag Should Have A Brow Fixx/Tint

Eyebrows are everywhere these days with a class of their own because many have come to the realization that eyebrows really does in fact frame the face. Eyebrow gel/tint come in packaging style similar to mascaras with the same wand applicator but they aren’t the same thing. They are different from mascaras therefore the two should not be confused as the textures and their purposes are very different.

If you’ve ever been the curious one to experiment and have applied mascara on your brows then you will know what kind of hot mess that can create and realize the reason why mascaras aren’t ever meant for your brows! Brow gels tend to be thinner in texture and consistency than mascaras which are thicker and more goopy because they were actually made to give the lashes volume and length while brow gels were made specifically for the brows to tame and keep them in place.

Due to the popularity of brow gels these days, there are many colours to choose from for every eyebrow imaginable. They are now available in many different colours to perfectly tint and fill in sparse brows and enhance the colour of your eyebrows. Recommended for naturally full lashes and for people with curly brow hair, eyebrow gels are the it thing these days and are in everyone's makeup bags because they can be used even if the brows are drawn.

The clear brow gels are a necessity for every makeup bag because they work well especially on drawn in brows to tame them into place most especially if your natural brow hair is curly. So if you have naturally full eyebrows or curly eyebrows, the only thing you need done periodically is threading, or tweezing either one based on your preference as long as your brows are kept neat and then you need a tube of eyebrow gel to tame them and keep them looking chic.

Caution should be taken not to confuse eyebrow gel with regular hair gel as hair gel will leave your brows with white flakes when dried which can take any look from fab to drab.

To apply eyebrow gel, comb into your brows in upward motion to comb the brows into precision. A little goes a long way so don’t over do it. And, no double dipping needed! The Bougiee Eyebrow Tints are not a dye for the eyebrows, they are makeup that washes off with the rest of your makeup when you wash your face.

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