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Why Lipstains Are A Must Have

Lip stains are exactly what they are called, lip-stains! They stain your lips. Often very overlooked in makeup categories is this quintessential part of makeup thats most often forgotten in the pile of different makeup products. They are one of the only makeup products that can be applied on the lips and cheeks without disappointing. Different from matte liquid lipsticks which have a bit of texture after drying, lipstains have zero texture, they feel like nothing and unlike matte liquid lipsticks you can use lip stains on your cheeks too thats why they are often referred to as lip and cheek stain. Caution should be taken when applying lip/cheek stain though- to avoid stains, do not apply with your fingers and apply precisely to the desired areas as fast as you can using the wand then blend out (especially on the cheeks with a sponge). The fact that they stay in place gives this product an A Plus in our book and yes, and we do have a favourite! We like the Licorice. There is something about that poppy red color that gets us psyched! Shop all our lipstains by clicking here

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