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Summer Foundation Guide

When it comes to summer makeup, the last thing on a lot of peoples mind are foundation/cover up.  Because of the heat, people dread having anything on their skin that feels like a mask hence opting out of foundation/cover up completely, in some cases some women opt out of moisturizers altogether. Well, there is hope! In this age of selfie everything, one still want to look good while avoiding a “masked” makeup look for the summer.  So here at Bougiee, we always have you in mind! Here’s a break down of all the foundation/cover ups you will need and when.  


  1. Liquid Foundation- these offers medium coverage and very lightweight and water based with added vitamin e for extra skin protection. These are ideal just because your cover up wont disappear with the flash if you do decide to take pictures.  But if for the summer you don’t want any liquid cover up you can opt for option #2, still from our haute collection.

  2. Loose Powders- This is how you get that airbrushed look and keep it for the summer too! Our Loose Powders are finely blended and offers a cushiony feel when applied. They provide medium to full coverage, they are in powder form, they feel better on the skin due to the powdery texture and somewhat, they are mentally soothing for the summer. They also absorb facial oils but not to be carried around all day as these are not blotting powders (keep reading)

  3. Cream to Powder Foundation- These are not recommended for summer due to the presence of oil (you know they do have oil right? And that’s how they get the creamy texture right?) Though our cream to powder foundation at Bougiee has castor oil and also added vitamin a for extra skin protection and they dry to a matte finish, a lot of people do not want that extra added oil during the summer! Though good for the skin due to the natural oils, makes skin glow beyond believe, but during the summer heat, they can be a bit overwhelming for people with oily skin as the skin produces its own natural oil. Cream to Powder foundations are only recommended during the summer for people with dry skin, otherwise, choose option #4, also from the pinup collection.

  4. Translucent Powders- You can just stick with translucent powder if you are a fan of our pinup collection instead of cream to powder foundation! Though these offer minimal coverage, they are much lighter to apply and easier to carry as you wont have to worry about the product melting due to the heat like you would with cream to powder foundations.

  5. Pressed Powders- These are your summer bffs.  Pressed powders can be used wet or dry (by wet we mean wetting your sponge and then using it to apply the powder) they are oil free plus the addition of Titanium Dioxide- a sunscreen that filters UV rays and has deflective properties makes them really perfect for the summer.

  6. Bb cream- These are the best friend for life to your pressed powder! They offer sun protection because they are part skin care part makeup. This age defense tinted moisturizer from our doll collection provides superior skin protection that prevents premature skin aging and darkening.  The combination of both pressed powder and bb cream will give you adequate coverage from the sun!

  7. HD Foundation- These offers the most coverage!  The best coverage on the market which still makes them perfect for summer photo shoots because they DO make your skin look like butter due to the hi levels of collagen they contain for instant anti aging results.  They are recommended for summer because they are water resistant.
  1. Blotting Powder- These are your weightless best summer accessory in terms of coverage because they are very invisible makeup that offers no colour!  Just a great product all year round to reduce shine!



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