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Skin Illuminators

Illuminators are skin highlighters that are used to enhance the facial features desired to be spotlighted such as cheekbones, cupids bow and underneath the brow bones and the nose tip. The best way to illuminate tired skin is to use a skin illuminator, they are known for making the face 3d. They are hydrating and they reduce discoloration to reveal skin that is more radiant for a luminous finish. They are usually smooth and free of sparkles for a smooth application. Skin illuminators have a pearl texture and are usually tinted like a face primer to give an instant light boost for the face. They keep the skin hydrated and luminous but not dewy that oily skin will turn shiny. They can be blended into moisturizers and foundations for more radiance. They also come in powder form with shimmer.  Illuminators defuse the appearance of sallow skin and imperfections but the skin must be properly concealed first if you have large pores, fine lines, and wrinkles, scarring or blemishes. Due to the shimmer presence in the illuminator, no matter how finely the shimmers are, it will still reflect the face imperfections. Illuminators come in concealer form for brightening under the eyes too i.e. Bougiee’s Touch Up Veil Concealer Pen. To use liquid illuminators, apply a thin layer on the face underneath your foundation to get a beautiful glow from within. Skin illuminators are not to be confused with sparkles as they have little to no chunk of sparkles. Illuminators are iconic, they come in cream, liquid, pressed and loose powder form. Powder illuminators are recommended for oily skin i.e. Bougiee’s Blush/Bronzer Quattro available in four shades, liquid illuminators like Bougiee’s Illuminator Sheer Glo and Loose Powder like Bougiee's Loose Mineral Blush Icing Sugar and Cream available in 11 shades recommended for dry skin. For fair skin opt for pearlescent shades, dark and olive skin opt for golden shades.  The best thing about face illuminators is the fact that they can also be used on top of blush.

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