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Perfecting the No-Makeup, Makeup Look!

So, you see someone looking flawless in pictures, in videos or on tv and because their face looks like they have no makeup on, you actually believe they aren’t wearing any makeup? Well, think again!

Made popular by Hollywood movie scenes, especially night scenes, morning scenes etc, is the crowning queen of all looks, which- must be mastered by every makeup artist for tv work, is the no makeup, makeup look also known as the natural look! Exactly like the name. 

There is makeup involved that’s where the “makeup look” from the “no makeup” comes from! In another term, it's simply, wearing makeup with the illusion of no makeup. 

This makeup look Is by far the hardest to create. Just ask any makeup artist.  The reason why this is a hard one is because, with less colourful makeup on face, it makes all the face impurities very obvious. 

To conquer this look, first, one must be proficient with shading and highlighting, plain and simple.  Once you can master that aspect, you can do it. If one is not so proficient in shading and highlighting, one shouldn't even bother with this look. 

First of, to start- you need a really good primer! Face primer, eye primer and lip primer - all the primers. Then you need a good cover up and good concealer for the face to cover all impurities leaving nothing but a flawless canvas.

After all of that, the shading and highlighting can follow. Once you have perfected the shading and highlighting, you need nude lip and eye colours! And by nude, we mean nude shades matching the skin tone and these have ranges- meaning, they must match your client! The rest, we leave to your artistic imagination. 

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