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Matte Eyeshadows

Eyeshadows are the most beloved cosmetic products by beauty gurus and pros alike. Eyes they say, are the most focal part of the face, therefore, they cannot be ignored. Eye makeup techniques are usually the boundaries between a pro makeup application look and an amateur look where a pro can define a face using the right consistency eye makeup products and a good quality brush giving the eyes more depth using eyeshadows. The choice of most pro artists is usually matte eyeshadows for definition. Matte eyeshadow is something probably most, if not all makeup artists carry around in their kits. Matte eyeshadows are probably the most used if not the only used for crease definition by the pros because they simply do not attract light. Therefore, they are more versatile to use for many different looks and on many different occasions to serve many different purposes. Select shades of matte eyeshadows can also be used as a blush while darker shades can be used on the cheekbone for definition. The first recommended step to applying these kinds of eyeshadow is to use a primer! Primers are a must to ensure that the product performs at its best, both with consistency and color. The Bougiee Cosmetics Matte Eye Shadows are made with a unique high pigment density, which promises long-lasting color. The textures are easy to blend and can be applied wet or dry.

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