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Makeup Products You Shouldn't Be Ignoring

Breaking out of the comfort zone is difficult at times but in beauty, that is exactly what you need. With makeup, one must explore, try new things, see how well it will grace the face, how different will it make you look and what features will be enhanced. Many of these products are developed to make life easier and to improve the beauty regimen. 

For this, Bougiee created a list of the products many woman aren’t always, but should be using regularly.


  1. Bronzers & illuminating Lotions- Bronzers are everywhere. Its hard to fathom anyone not using it as this is the featured product in every “it” girls makeup bag, but some people still don’t have a clue what it does neither are they willing to try it. Well, just like the name, bronzer, that’s exactly what it does, it bronzes the skin and gives it a nice gleaming hue. With so much versatility, it's hard to go wrong with bronzers. They can be used as a blush, contouring and more.  As for liquid bronzers, Bougiee favorites this because they can be mixed with moisturizer to make the body glow!  
  1. Eyelash Curler- Many still question the existence of eyelash curlers! Even after all these years. One must come to terms with the eyes that it really does look more captivating when the lashes are perfectly curled to perfection! And, lash curlers are also used to put falsies in place.
  1. Makeup Setting Spray- This is the mother of all products for every doll. It’s the one wonder product you wonder about a lot! In fact, This is the one product that makes you say “wow” when you see a perfectly done face that looks like the makeup doesn’t move as it stays in perfection from morning til dawn.  This is the little magic product that was used! Yes! 
  1. Primer- Simply put, you don’t do makeup without them! Ask any makeup artist. First off is the Eyelash Lash Primer! It will be a total waste of money on your mascara without using a lash primer as it conditioners your lashes into place, have you ever washed your hair without a conditioner? We didn’t think so. It sets your lashes and prep it for your mascara. Next is the Face Primer! Without this magic product, your powder might look different if you happen to use a moisturizer that happens to be too thick and make your morning kind of gloomy because you cant figure out what exactly went wrong! Perhaps face primers are made for a variety of reasons, this being one of them? And there is just so many to choose from that we can't imagine why anybody will want to skip them. From Fluid Silk Primers to bb creams to color correcting primers, all of this product family makes your makeup glide on smoothly and reduce your pores.  Next is the Eye/Lip Primer.  Need we say more? If you simply abide by this rule to always use your primer, your lip products will never disappoint! The true color comes out and it stays on all day!
  1. Blotting Powder- Every doll needs one in their makeup bag.  We can't stress this enough. You do not apply more face powder during the day for touch ups, doll face! You use your blotting powder or transclucent powder. They help with frequent touch-ups without adding any more texture to the skin. 
  1. Brow Tints- Yes, brow tints! To many, why does this product even exist because there's powder for the brows and pencils right? Well, to get the natural brow look, you need a tint. Its kind of tiresome to see everyone with chunky brows when there are many ways to skin a cat.  Besides, chunky brows does not suit everyone, and, we mean that with love.

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