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Makeup For Oily Skin

Oily skin is one of the most talked about makeup issues today among women. The thought of having to keep the face matte constantly is overwhelming for some. But not all things about oily skin is bad, there is some good news for your oily skin! First, your blush will last longer, second, you won't age as fast, the oil in your skin will prevent wrinkles from forming early and, you get to spot the dewy look with ease. So what about makeup for your skin type? Let's break it down. First, the cover-ups.  A water-based cover-up is a highly recommended base since these are oil free. The last an oily skin needs is an oil base foundation. Also, water-based makeups dry to matte instantly, which makes them ideal for your skin type. Second, before applying your cover-up, a mattifying face primer is a must especially on the t-zone area of the face that tend to get more oily. Third, for your cheeks, powder blush is highly recommended and your blush shades should be lighter shades as the oil in the skin will tint the color a shade or two darker on the cheeks. Fourth, stay away from shimmers on your face and glossy lip! Matte lip products are highly recommended to create a balance and keep the attention away from the face but on lips! Lastly, always carry a Blotting or a Translucent Powder with you throughout the day to blot your face when needed.

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