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Lets talk about 'Why You Need a Lip Primer'

Although lip primers are a staple in the makeup world, what is shocking is that a few people still skip this step altogether when applying makeup and one can only wonder why. There is actually a purpose for every makeup product there is believe it or not. A lip primer wont exist if it doesn't serve a purpose and same for eye primer as both of these are skipped alike.

Here are the reasons why you need a lip primer just in case you are wondering why.

1. It helps the original colour of the lip makeup to show- when you pick up your favourite lipstick and the colour look different on your lips than it does in the tube, its because your original lip colour needed to be neutralized first with a lip primer before you apply the lip makeup, that is the purpose of a lip primer, to help your true lip product colour- either lipstick or lipgloss to show. Doing this help you get the true colour of the product.

2. Your lip colour will stay on longer- lip primers are actually formulated to help your lips retain the product you put on longer and no, we don't mean concealer, that isn't meant to be put on your lips. It is just a CONCEALER! We are talking about a lip primer, that is made for your lips.

3. Tinted vs Light- based on your skin tone, you may need a tinted shade of lip primer for your lips, as a light shade on dark skin tone will look beige and unfit while a tinted shade on a lighter skin will look brown.

Lastly, to all the ones putting face makeup on their lips, it is not advised. Just stop it! Those aren't tested to be ingested as you end up eating whatever you put on your lips.  If you don't know, now you know! Click here to shop our lip primer. 

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