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How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Dirty makeup brushes aren’t just unhygienic, they also change the colour of your makeup when your brush has accumulated a lot of build up from old makeup. Since practicing safe cosmetics is our number one priority here at Bougiee Cosmetics, we have put together the steps to clean your makeup brushes.


Things you will need:

-Natural Brush Cleaner

- Cleaning bowl

- Facial cleanser /mild or moisturizing body wash /baby wash /mild shampoo /antibacterial dish washing soap /olive oil or conditioner

- Your makeup brushes

- Paper Towel


Brush Cleaner Instructions:

  1. Soak up brush bristles with brush cleaner
  2. Rub the makeup brush in back and forth strokes on a clean paper towel until clean and no more product residue on the brush 


Weekly Cleansing with Soap Instructions:

  1. Squirt the cleaner of choice into the bowl and put it under running water to foam up or if using antibacterial dish soap- squirt the dish soap into the bowl, put the bowl under running water and add olive oil as the water was running (this is a must when using dish soap as the olive oil will keep the brushes's bristles soft as dish soaps lack moisture compared to the other type of cleansers)
  2. Dampen your brush head with luke warm water
  3.  Dip your brush head one by one into the lather in the cleaning bowl and swirl the tip of your brush dipping your brush into the latter until the bristles original color start to show (you may need to change the cleaning water if the lather is no longer foaming and the water become obviously dirty
  4. Rinse the brush under clean running water to fully rinse out the soap and make sure the water runs clear to ensure there are no residues (to spot this, rub the brush on a paper towel to test it to make sure its clean)
  5. In another bowl squirt conditioner into the bowl and put it under running water to mix the conditioner into the water (this process can be skipped if dish soap and olive oil was the cleaning method used to clean the brushes)
  6. Dip the brush into the conditioner (you can dip all your makeup brushes at once)
  7. Swirl the brushes in the conditioner for 5 seconds to soften the bristles then remove
  8. Rinse the brushes under running water until the water starts to run clear
  9. Squeeze out excess water, reshape the brush bristles and lay your brush flat on a clean dry paper towel to dry.
  10. Allow the brushes to dry for 24hrs before reusing.


Things to remember

-Brush Cleaners are recommended for cleaning your brushes on the go, weekly deep cleaning of your brushes is still recommended to ensure the brushes perform at there best and germ free 

-Change your makeup brushes when the bristles start to deform that’s a sign of wear and tear

-Some brushes may require two cleaning sessions back to back depending on how dirty the brushes are i.e foundation brush

-Make sure your brush’s bristles are upside down throughout the cleaning process and laid flat to dry.

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