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HD Foundations

Simply put, you do not go for a photoshoot without High Definition Foundation! Pictures speak a thousand words and everyone desire to look flawless in there pictures. The reason, pictures are timeless, they represent a moment in time, so just like the name, HD which means High Definition because of there consistency making them best suited for high definition situations.

The hd is the queen of all coverage! Longwear, face smoothening, poreless face. Hd foundations are quintessential for editorial work and tv! Since the evolution of hd cameras, there has been the need for hd foundation also. With the craze about hd cameras capturing everything it also does the same for the face, capturing everything in real-life, including all face imperfections.

Hd foundations have a consistency similar to that of a concealer which is thicker than the average foundation in order to conceal under the eye and dark spots. The Hd foundation works the same but in high definition.

The best types of hd foundations have Dimethicone in them which is also what is used in most primers to make the makeup stay put, Collagen for anti-aging and smoothening results and must be water resistant for crease-proof, sweat proof coverage!

HD foundations are highly reliable, that is why they are highly recommended for a professional photo shoot. Caution must be taken though when choosing a hd foundation, dont just go for the name simply because it says hd, try on the product and feel its consistency, now that will be the judge!

Note, Bougiee doesn’t recommend hd foundation for everyday wear, it does offer great coverage but a regular foundation is best for day to day like our liquid foundation from Haute Collection for a more natural look. Loose powders are not recommended to set the foundation for additional coverage as the hd foundation has enough coverage on its own making loose powder optional! That is how powerful they are!

So next time your planning a photoshoot, dont forget your high definition foundation, you will be thankful you didn’t.

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