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Creme Eyeshadows

Creme Eyeshadows should be your best friend during the summer! Ever wonder how sexy sirens take sexy wet photos at the beach and still their makeup stays put? Well, the secret is creme eyeshadows!  Very versatile, very fun, waterproof and can also be used as an eyeliner? All these define creme eyeshadows. The first thing you need is the right makeup brush! The perfect brush for creme eyeshadow is a Round Crease Brush BK37. This is the perfect brush to apply creme eyeshadows because it helps to easily create incredible blended effects and an iconic eye look. The brush is very dense with an oval shape to pick up the pigment in your creme eyeshadow for the entire eyelid for an even finish.  Once you have the right brush, the rest is easy. Skin tone also matters when considering creme eyeshadows. For example, if you have oily skin, the end result after application will be different than someone with dry skin. You might end up with more sheen with oily skin than someone with dry skin, most people with dry skin loves creme eyeshadow because it eases the feeling of tightness on the eye lid after eyeshadow application due to the creamy hydrating texture.  When applying eyeshadows, Bougiee highly recommend using eye primer first especially for oily skin types. There are different types of creme eyeshadows.  The best kind is the gel like textured creme eyeshadows because they are easier to smudge and they are highly pigmented boasting the best colour punch. The gel like textured creme eyeshadows are also notorious for gliding on the eyelid smoothly and dry instantly to create a very beautiful finish for a well hydrated eye lid look. These are also the same kind of eyeshadow that are waterproof for a creaseless and long wearing look.  One more thing to consider when choosing a creme eyeshadow is quality.  Quality matters as there are also some cons to using creme eyeshadows. For low quality creme eyeshadows, creasing is one of the cons where the eyeshadows will stick together on the crease when its humid, but for good quality products this is not the case. Note- Never apply a creme eyeshadow over a powder eyeshadow. That just spells disaster! And, always keep the lid tight on your product to keep your eyeshadow nice and moist. Lastly, creme eyeshadows can be used as an eyeshadow base! And, may we add that for summer, Bougiee highly recommend light colours only during the daytime! Shop our Creme Eyeshadows here and recommended brush Round Crease Brush BK37 here

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