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Applying your Foundation

There’s applying foundation, and then there’s applying foundation flawlessly! Technique is everything and if you are not applying your foundation right you may not be getting the results you desire.  Here at Bougiee, we have put together the steps for you to ensure a flawless makeup application.


Step 1

Cleansing! The first thing you want to make sure is that your face is clean and free of dirt from sweat and from any makeup residue from previous makeup application, (just in case you forgot to wash your face from the night before), starting with a clean slate is very important to both ensure an enjoyable application process.


Step 2

Priming!  You want to make sure you use a Primer, chances are if you are not a pro makeup artist, you probably often skip this step but it is in fact quintessential as it prevents your makeup from slipping off especially for people with oily skin where a matifying primer is a must.  Overall, a primer is essential to close your pores for a smooth makeup application.


Step 3

You have to choose the right foundation based on your skin type.  There are different foundation consistencies for every skin type to choose from.  You can choose from BB Cream, HD Foundation, Creme to Powder Foundation and Oil free Liquid Foundation. 


Step 4

Matching! This is the most crucial step in your application. This is the step where you match your skin to your foundation and you do this by choosing the right shade. This is the part where you can make or break your look, in fact one of the cardinal makeup sin is to wear the wrong shade of foundation so its important to double check your foundation shade and make sure it matches your skin before stepping out. 


Step 5

Blending! This part requires you to choose the right tool to ensure your makeup is well blended on your face starting from the middle of the face working your way out. For this process Bougiee recommends our foundation Brush BK9.


Step 6

Setting it!! Setting your makeup is the last step! Yes! After you have done all that work, the next thing to do is to make sure you set your makeup to ensure it stays put flawlessly all day long.  For this step Bougiee recommends waiting at least 5 minutes before applying Hi Def Correcting Setting Powder to set it using Powder Brush BK26 or a using a Makeup Setting Spray.



Bougiee reminder 

-With the right foundation, your makeup shouldn’t sweat off your face even when you sweat.  Your makeup should stay in place and should not rub off even while matifying your face with a blotter.

 -Take your Blotting Powder or Translucent Powder with you during the day.

-You should always have 3 shades of foundation just in case you’ve spent time in the sun and you’ve gotten darker or you’ve gotten lighter.  

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