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8 Must Have Makeup Brushes

If you are not a pro makeup artist, you do not need to own all the makeup brushes there is, and if you do, chances are you probably don’t know how to use them or what they are used for. To simplify the process of buying makeup brushes, Bougiee put together a list of the must have makeup brushes for day to day makeup application.

Powder Brush- if you have oily skin, no need to tell you you need powders, especially loose powders.  Just try applying your makeup with this brush once, and we guarantee you, you wont skip it ever again! Bougiee recommends Powder Brush BK26 

Foundation Brush- These days, its selfie everything! A Bougiee reminder that if you do not use liquid or cream foundation and you take pictures, your bare skin will show and it will reflect all your skin imperfections. So a definite must have makeup brush is a foundation brush! Bougiee recommends Foundation Brush

Concealer Brush- Yes, the thick stuff! Bougiee have three different concealers just for you to serve a purpose! One, you need this to cover all the dark spots on your face everywhere imaginable. Two, you need this to brighten under your eye to get that celebrity look, and what better way to apply this quintessential product but by using a concealer brush! Bougiee recommends Concealer Brush BK10

Blush Brush- We all love that lovely glow on the cheeks! One of the best ways to get this look is by using the right brush to apply it on the apple of the cheeks. To brighten the apples of the cheeks Bougiee recommends Blush Brush BK47 or Angle Blush Brush BK32 if contouring hollow of the cheeks is the desired look.

Eyeshadow Brush - To apply your eyeshadow you will need this brush! It is the ideal brush for applying and layering on eyeshadows. Bougiee recommends  Chisel Brush BK39

Crease Brush- Yes this brush! We love this brush because it is just right to define the crease! Sometimes thats all you need for the sexiest crease definition. Bougiee recommends Pointed Crease Brush BK43 

Eyeliner brush- According to us here at Bougiee, you need the right brush to get the right look! With two eyeliner brushes to serve you, to achieve variety of natural to dramatic eyeliner designs, Bougiee recommends Eyeliner Brush BK11 and Thin Eyeliner Brush BK21 to achieve the basic cat eye styles, how can you go wrong!

Lip Brush- These are essential to add class to your style of makeup application! There is something about a lady with a lip brush especially a retractable lip brush like Bougiee's Retractable Lip Liner Brush that spells classiness! And for pro makeup artist, Liner Brush BK44 is a must to apply precise application of colour on the lips, outer corner, upper of the lips. 

There is simply no limit whatsoever to how many makeup brushes one can own. But for the most part, these 8 makeup brushes are the basics recommended by Bougiee for daily makeup application. We hope you enjoyed this post.

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